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Amateur Radio enthusiasts enjoy a liberty that no other service can claim.

It’s the big dial.

The VFO.

We have complete freedom to move anywhere within our allocations and transmit on any mode and with all the power our licence class allows.

This is a privilege afforded us on a global basis.  Every licence class enjoys this privilege subject to certain band allocations, modes and power limits.

Like any privilege, we must exercise certain responsibilities to ensure mature and mutual cohabitation on the RF spectrum.  Obviously, no-one wants to “clobber” other stations or cause unnecessary or unintended interference to others on the bands.

How should we go about this?

A part of the answer to this is, of course, band plans.  Band plans have been agreed internationally by members of the three IARU Regions in co-operation with individual member countries.  Some countries have variations within these band plans due to local regulations and nuances brought about by political and geographical influences.

These band plans will typically set out what modes should be used within each band segment.

It is worth noting that the band plan is not owned by any one representative body.

It is the Australian band plan.

All users are welcome to comment on band plans.  They are constantly evolving.